Pollo al forno e pomodorini

If you can’t spend that much time cooking but want to enjoy good food, this is a recipe for you. Bake the chicken in the oven for an hour, and you will have a delicious light meal.

Pollo al forno e pomodoriniIngredients:

4 chicken legs


black pepper

fresh rosemary

fresh parsley, chopped

3-5 garlic cloves

250 gr cherry tomatoes

3 tbsp olive oil


Set the chicken legs into a baking dish and add salt, freshly ground black pepper, rosemary and chopped flat leaf parsley. Set the cherry tomatoes and peeled coarsely chopped garlic cloves between the chicken legs. Pour olive oil over the chicken legs, tomatoes and garlic chunks. Bake on 200 °C for an hour. Serve with rice.


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