Fegato alla Veneziana; Bresaola con rucola e parmigiano

Cuisines all over the world have their own way to serve liver and onions – this is the way they do it in Venice. Known all over Italy, this dish is loved even by foodies who would normally shy away from the liver taste. My suggestion is that you prepare some Bresaola – air-dried, salted beef or horse meat – as a lean and tender starter. It will compliment the darker taste of the liver. Alternatively, you might replace the liver with minced meat and make some hamburger-like steaks with these delicious, golden onion rings. Serve fegato alla Veneziana with mashed potatoes, polenta or bread.

Bresaola con rucola e parmigiano: 


80-100 gr Bresaola

30 gr rocket salad

olive oil

1 lemon

freshly ground black pepper

parmigiano flakes


Set the rocket salad on a serving dish. Add the thin Bresaola slices over the salad leaves. Drizzle some olive oil and lemon. Garnish with freshly ground black pepper and parmigiano flakes. Best served at room temperature.

Fegato alla Veneziana:


olive oil

2 tbsp butter

5-6 onions, thinly sliced


700 gr liver (pork or beef)

corn starch

1-1.5 dl red wine

balsamic vinegar


Heat the oil and butter in a large frying pan. Saute the thinly sliced onions over a very low heat for 45-60 minutes until they are soft but not yet colored. Remove the onions from the pan.

Slice the liver in long stripes and coat them with corn starch. Add some salt. Fry the liver slices in the frying pan for ca. 1 minute on each side. Avoid overcrowding the pan. Set aside, and keep warm.

Return the pan to the heat. Add the red wine and scrape any remnants of the corn starch with a wooden spoon. Return the onions and liver slices to the pan. Let the liver and onions simmer for a couple of minutes until the liver is tender, but cooked through. Add balsamic vinegar and, if necessary, some olive oil or butter.


2 thoughts on “Fegato alla Veneziana; Bresaola con rucola e parmigiano

  1. This is a no-brainer. I had a delicious piece of parmigiano reggiano to take flakes from and gave it my best olive oil (a young one) which I never regretted. A very cool dish, I love the lemon!

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