Christmas Dinner: Mousse au Chocolat

Mousse au ChocolatMousse au Chocolat

This is so good it will silence your dinner guests! This perennial party favorite is definitely worth the effort you might have to put into it before developing the Midas touch, but the results will be loved by chocoholics and everybody else alike. Introduced in 1894, the mousse was originally served with savoury dishes. The sweet and airy version was created by the famous French artist Toulouse Lautrec. With chocolate, you just can’t go wrong…


130 gr dark chocolate, cut into pieces

1 egg

a couple of drops of rum or rum aroma

250 gr cream


Set a heatproof pot or a bowl over a pot that is filled with water heated near to its boiling point. The bowl shouldn’t touch or be in contact with the water. The ideal dish is a heatproof glass bowl giving you the chance to pay attention to the near boiling water.

Cut the chocolate into pieces and melt it in the pot or bowl on top.

Meanwhile in a separate bowl that is set above a second pot of near boiling water, beat the egg and 1 tablespoon of water with a whisk. Once the egg has a foamy consistency, remove it from the heat. Take the bowl with the melted chocolate and mix it carefully with the beaten egg. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes shiny and creamy. Add the rum or rum aroma.

Whip the cream. Combine the whipped cream and the chocolate mixture very carefully. Only mix until you get an even cream and no longer see any white traces of the cream. Divide into three cups. Let the mousse cool in the fridge for about 3 hours.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner: Mousse au Chocolat

  1. A very nice one 🙂 make sure to stir the egg energetically and good and long, till it really is well warm and very foamy. I sometimes check the temperature of the egg with my finger

  2. I made “pot au chocolat” last xmas – delicious but oh so rich. The tiniest pot is all that was needed. Your recipe looks a tad lighter than mine. In mine you cooked the egg until it thickened into a custard. I’d like to try yours, as I don’t think I’d do mine again… delicious but just too rich and thick.

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