Are you searching for a good, refreshing dish? Look no further! Salmorejo, a.k.a. ardoria or porra, is a thick Spanish tomato soup consisting of tomato, bread, garlic, and olive oil. The tomatoes are pureed in a mixer together with the other ingredients, and the end result is served very cold – sometimes even with ice! – with hard-boiled eggs and slices of Serrano ham. Originating from Cordoba in southern Spain, the very tasty salmorejo is similar to the well known gazpacho, but it is thicker and creamier in texture. The hard-boiled eggs add something to chew, and the thin slices of the Serrano ham crown the taste. This is the dish for hot summer evenings, and it doesn’t even require any cooking.


3 cans of peeled tomatoes

200 gr/ 7 oz (stale) bread

2 garlic cloves, minced

2.5 dl/ 1 cup water

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

2 boiled eggs

slices of Serrano ham



Remove the crusts, and cut the bread into slices. Soak in cold water for 15-20 minutes. Once heavy with water, remove a little bread at a time and squeeze out excess water with your hands. Then break the slices apart into small, dry crumbs.

Puree the peeled tomatoes, soaked bread, and the minced garlic in a mixer or a blender. Drizzle some olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Mix very well and refrigerate, covered, for at least 2 hours. The end result should be creamy smooth and dense.

Meanwhile, place the eggs in a pot and cover them with water. Slowly bring water to a boil over medium heat. After about 12 minutes, take the eggs out, and place them under cool running water to stop the cooking. Peel them and cut them into two equal halves. Garnish the soup with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper, and serve it very cold with a halved egg and slices of Serrano ham.


3 thoughts on “Salmorejo

  1. I LOVE Salmorejo! I always thought it is one amazing recipe of spanish cuisine not so well known abroad!
    I also posted about Salmorejo, using my grandmother’s recipe. She also adds a cup of vinegar to the mixture! Enjoy!

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