Pastrami Salmon

Pastrami Salmon

Pastrami is a popular delicacy usually made from beef, pork or mutton. Like curing with salt and many other techniques, it was originally created as way to preserve meat before modern refrigeration. The raw meat – or salmon in this case – is brined, partly dried, seasoned with various herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed. Even though salmon may be better known for its cured and cooked preparations, pastrami salmon is a natural extension of the traditional meaty version. Serve it as a festive starter with a piece of rye bread, or let your imagination take you to the wonderland of new culinary experiences.


600 gr/ 1 1/3 lb salmon fillet

coarse sea salt

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp fennel

4 tsp peppercorns (black, green, white and pink)

Pastrami Salmon


Cut the salmon fillet, lengthwise, into four or five pieces. Sprinkle a generous amount of coarse sea salt on the pieces, and wrap them tightly in plastic. Let the salmon pieces refrigerate for an hour.

Remove the plastic wrapping and the salt. Fry the salmon pieces in a hot dry pan for about 10 seconds per side. Mix the spices. Sprinkle the salmon pieces with the spice mix and wrap them once again in plastic. Put these tightly wrapped pieces into the freezer for an hour. Remove the plastic and serve with e.g. rye bread.


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